Usando espanol sin miedo

¿Cómo se dice…? Usando el español en el trabajo sin miedo

Hoy aprendí algo nuevo: como decir “texto negrita” en español. Esto no es algo que aprendí cuando era niña estudiando español en escuela ni jugando con otros niños durante el recreo.

Ahora lo sé como describir texto en negrita gracias a Google y confirmado por mi colega peruana.

Cada vez que hablo o escribo en otra idioma me da vergüenza. Me siento como el emoji que es un monito cubriendo los ojos. 🙈 Claro que me cuesta mucho hablar, escribir, y pensar en español, pero es peor comunicar en chino. Inglés es muy fácil 😉

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Overcoming my fear of using spanish at work

¿Cómo se dice…? Overcoming My Fear of Using Spanish at Work

Today I learned how to say “bold text” in Spanish thanks to Google and confirmed by my coworker. By the way, it’s “texto en negrita,” if you’re curious.

That’s something I definitely did not learn as a kid on the playground or in the classroom.

Every time I speak a language that’s not my own I wince internally. It’s so difficult to express myself let alone do it in an eloquent or grammatically proper way. It’s much easier to revert to English if given the opportunity…as shown by this blog post 😉

At the same time it is a bit fun to practice other languages at work, even though that’s not the primary focus of my job, speaking a second and third language have come in handy during various times.

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Fathers Day 2018

My Dad Called to Explain How to Drive in a Roundabout

My dad just called to explain how to drive in a roundabout. I am…well, I won’t say how old I am, but I have been driving for long enough to have mastered the roundabout. I guess he thought I might be confused by the new traffic pattern on my parent’s street and wanted to make sure I arrived safely at their house when visiting.

On the one hand I was incredulous: “Really, Dad? Do you think I don’t know how to drive in a roundabout?”, but on the other hand, it was really very sweet.

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Being Satisfied With My Very Best

Being Satisfied with My Very Best

“Can we not talk about your sister because she’s doing so much it kind of stresses me out?” I was hiking with two friends one afternoon in the spring rain when this comment caught me by surprise.

Just the other night, my sister was telling me about how everything was falling apart. Her grad school experiment was not working, she had her missed her running practice, and her and her husband were in the midst of moving .

It all goes to show that everything is a matter of perspective.

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8 Things I Learned After Being Hit by a Car While Biking

Two years ago while I was biking home from work, a car turned left to enter a parking lot and hit me. It was broad daylight, I was on a designated bike path, and my bike had a blinking headlight.

While my life didn’t exactly flash before my eyes, I did have an out of body experience as I flew through the air. Part of my mind was calmly stating, “I am getting hit by a car,” while the other part of me was screaming, “I AM GETTING HIT BY A CAR AND GOING TO DIE. This really hurts. Is this really happening? Ouch! God, please help me!”

All these thoughts jumbled together in just a few seconds. When the paramedics arrived, I was still crying hysterically, but also thinking I about how I didn’t want to pay for an ambulance ride! Fortunately I wasn’t badly hurt and my dad came to pick me up.

Now that everything has been taken care of, I can finally write about this experience. Here are a few thoughts:

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How to Find a Good Roommate

How to Find a Good Roommate

Your roommate * just landed her dream job…and will be moving to Narnia. You are so happy all her hard work has payed off, but also kind of annoyed. Why can’t she just live out her dreams in this city? From this very apartment?

They are engaged! How sweet! Congratulations to the cutest couple. But also I am seriously regretting ever introducing the two of you. Why are you getting married and leaving me?

Have many of you have every felt like this?! (Just me?)

Finding a good roommate after college is hard and once you find one, you think, PLEASE NEVER LEAVE ME. Unfortunately, life happens and even the best roommies have to break up, as noted by the aforementioned totally hypothetical examples.

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Adventure in Ireland

In honor of St. Patrick’s day I figured I should finally get around to posting about my trip to Ireland with my sister. I can’t believe it was two years ago!

When my sister suggested traveling to Ireland for her bachelorette I was excited! My sister is my oldest and closest friend so she makes an excellent travel buddy. We say we are twins…only four years apart. Growing up we moved around a lot and caught the wanderlust bug early. Since we didn’t know anyone else when we first arrived in a new neighborhood, we played together often and have always been very close.

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Bobsled USA Olympics 2010

How to Watch the Olympics for Super Cheap

I get really into sports every two years when the Summer and Winter Olympics roll around. All of a sudden I care about sports that I never follow otherwise  – figure skating, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, gymnastics, swimming, track – It’s all so exciting.

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Knit All the Things!

When I was a kid, my mom signed us up for all sorts of activities – swimming, piano, girl scouts, dance, basketball – whatever she could think of to keep us busy and out of her hair. When we weren’t outside playing, we also had a ridiculous number of toys and crafts that kept us entertained inside for hours on end. We did not have any video games, I’m pretty sure we didn’t know what those were. And we weren’t really allowed to watch TV. We would always try to say we were watching TV to improve our Spanish, and sometimes that excuse would work, but usually not. For the longest time my sister and I thought Muzzy was just a movie, not a Spanish as a second language instructional tool.

Crafts can sometimes get expensive, but one of the more economical crafts we had was knitting. Probably in third grade mom bought me a knitting book with a kit of needles and knitting accessories, and some cheap acrylic yarn and said, “Have at it.” Looking back, I’m not sure how I learned how to knit from a book. It’s so much easier now with Youtube tutorials. Once I got the hang of the knit stitch, I became a proficient knitter of squares and rectangles. It took me a REALLY long time to complete one project and somehow there would always be a hole or two in it, but I knit many scarves, doll blankets, and more scarves.

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Books a lively fancy read in 2017

Book Review: What I Read in 2017

I’m a bit late to the game, but I see people are listing what they read last year, so I thought I’d join in. I say “read,” but the truth is I listened to the majority of these books. Does that still count? I know some people hate how the narrator does voices in audio books, but I actually love it.

As I’ve mentioned before, I usually try to borrow books from the library instead of buying them and fortunately the library has two excellent apps for downloading audio books – OverDrive and Hoopla – in addition to Kindle for e-books.

Here’s what I read in 2017 in no particular order. I only included books that I read (or listened to) cover to cover…and not ones that I started and then abandoned. I tried to include whether or not I liked the books, but so much of that is subjective so you’ll have to decide on your own. There are no spoilers so it’s safe to read. 

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