Welcome to Music City, Y’all – My Nashville Solo Trip

I took my second solo travel trip in October to Nashville. I know it’s a bit later to write about it now, but better late than never! Like my last trip, I was able to get my travel expenses paid for since I arrived a few days ahead of a business meeting.

While asking Facebook friends recommendations on things to do, I discovered a friend from home, K,  would also be in Nashville at the same time. Of course we arranged to meet up. Below are the highlights from my trip. I hope you enjoy my pictures and commentary.

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I’ll Get You, My Pretty, And Your Little Dog Too! Wicked Witch Bike Costume

Bad news – it’s Monday, witches. Good news – it’s almost Halloween! I know many of us have enjoyed Halloweekend, but the official day is tomorrow, which means there’s one more chance to dress up!

Whenever I bike to work I think of the Wicked Witch Theme from the Wizard of Oz so I thought, Why not go all out for Halloween and be the Wicked Witch of the West / Mrs. Gulch?

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Training up the next generation of busy bodies

Training Up the Next Generation of Busybodies

“Jonesy is on the balcony with a little girl looking through a set of binoculars.”


“I think she’s training the next generation of busybodies.”

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Glasses Comfort over Vanity

When Comfort Is More Important than Vanity

I was in 5th grade when my mother took me to the optometrist for the first time because I couldn’t see the writing on the board from the back of the class. I desperately didn’t want glasses, but knew better than to argue with my mom. At least I got to pick out the frames. They were kid-sized, oval-shaped and made of dull red wire.

“Look at the leaves on the tree outside,” the technician told me while my lenses were being cut. “And then look again when you get your new glasses.”

I followed the instructions and was shocked. I thought I could see the leaves before, but now I could REALLY see. Each leaf was individual, vivid, and somehow brighter. When I took the glasses off they looked like a fuzzy clump. It was AMAZING!

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What’s New with You? Super Cookie Recipe Review

When people ask me, “What have you been up to lately?” I’m never really sure how to respond. Other people are doing exciting things like going to grad school, having a baby, getting engaged or married (seriously a million people are doing this right now), earning a promotion, or buying a house.

Meanwhile, I’ve baked a batch of super chocolate chip cookies. Yes, that is my accomplishment for the week. And I made my bed this morning.

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American Flag Cake

Happy Birthday, America! A Look Back at 4th of July Desserts

I love baking and each year that I’m in town I usually make a red, white and blue 4th of July dessert. I’m not sure what I’ll make this year, but in honor of America’s birthday, which is right around the corner, here’s a look back at a few of my past 4th of July creations.

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Training for a half marathon in summer

Training for a Half Marathon in the Summer – Am I Crazy?!

The alarm goes off and I wake up after hitting snooze only once. I have to get my run in while it’s still cool outside. I check the weather; it’s already 78 degrees and 86% humid and it’s only 6 AM! Well…there goes my plan to beat the heat. I’m not a morning person so this is all the excuse I need to skip my run and crawl back under the covers.

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how to give a wedding toast a lively fancy

How to Give a Wedding Toast without Freaking Out

It’s June so summer is almost here…and that means wedding season has already arrived. I’ve attended two weddings so far and will be attending even more over the next few months. It’s here, so get ready.

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Balkan cheese pie from Mother's Day dinner.

Do You Know That Is a Serbian “Б”?

From the outside, my family seems perfectly normal, but I know the truth. Like most people, as a kid I didn’t notice a lot of my family quirks, but as I’ve grown up, my eyes have been opened: We are all really strange.

Probably everyone feels this way about their family at some point in time, but I was reminded of this at our Mother’s Day dinner over the weekend. Before I get into the story, here’s a quick snapshot of my parents:

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New York, New York – Food, History & Broadway

As I mentioned in my last post, my trip to New York was AWESOME and I fell in love with solo travel! As promised, I’ve chronicled my trip and included pictures.

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