I'm sorry, I already have plans

I’m sorry, I already have plans

When did saying “I already have plans,” become a “bad” thing? Why are so many people responding “maybe” or not responding at all to an invitation when they actually mean no?

Does the following scenario seem familiar?

“Let’s hang out? Are you free Friday?”
“Sounds fun! I’m not sure if I’m free, but let me get back to you.”

“Did you find out if you’re free Friday?”
“I may be free.”

“Are we hanging out?”
“Definitely, maybe!”

“Please let me know about dinner plans for tomorrow.”

“What’s happening tonight?”
“So sorry, I can’t hang out tonight.”

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Happy Pi Day

3.14.15 – Pi Day Housewarming

On March 14, we had a housewarming party…a pi day housewarming party, of course!

The party started at 1:00 PM, but in our typical fashion my roommate Amber and I were both running a little bit late. Here’s how the schedule leading up to the party went…

10:00 AM (T minus 3 hours) Amber and I emerged from our rooms as zombies. We stumbled over to the kitchen for brains…I mean coffee.

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Cheap Vs Economically Efficient

Cheap or Economically Efficient? You Decide

Recently I overheard two of my coworkers discussing their favorite rapper. One mentioned he sold 60 copies of his physical album at $1,000 apiece. Upon hearing this, I had to join the conversation.

“$1,000 for one album! It better be gold-plated!”

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The Old, the New, and the Boxes: My Guide to Apartment Moving

We got lucky when when we moved.

We couldn’t have picked a better day. After waking up to an uncharacteristically warm, spring-like day in February (60 degrees and sunny) our friends arrived to help us load our moving truck.

Between all of us, we found moving the furniture was surprisingly easy; the couches were quite light and actually fit through all the doorways without too much maneuvering.

Fortunately, we had taken the time to organize and neatly stack our boxes, which made loading and unloading much more efficient. Also, thanks to my roommate’s handy color-coded labeling system the boxes were even unloaded into the correct rooms, which has made unpacking significantly easier. The moving process itself was over by 3PM!

WAIT! That’s not what happened AT ALL.

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