Happy Pi Day

3.14.15 – Pi Day Housewarming

On March 14, we had a housewarming party…a pi day housewarming party, of course!

The party started at 1:00 PM, but in our typical fashion my roommate Amber and I were both running a little bit late. Here’s how the schedule leading up to the party went…

10:00 AM (T minus 3 hours) Amber and I emerged from our rooms as zombies. We stumbled over to the kitchen for brains…I mean coffee.

The night before we had gone out to a party and hadn’t gotten back until midnight, which is late for us. (We need our beauty sleep!) Even Amber, who is usually a morning person, was a bit sluggish.

10:30 AM (T minus 2 hours 30 minutes) Reinvigorated by caffeine and tasty breakfast we transform into capable humans and we set about our tasks.

Amber went to the grocery store to pick up some apples for her apple pie: “See you in a bit. I’ll just pick up some ingredients and have plenty of time to do yoga when I come back.”

I began making a very tasty, but time-consuming chicken pot pie from scratch. Fortunately I had the foresight to make the crust ahead of time, which cut down on prep time a bit.

11:00 AM (T minus 2 hours) Amber came back from the grocery store, but was still so tired from staying out late the night before that instead of doing yoga she took a cat nap.

11:30 AM (T minus 1 hour 30 minutes) After filling the casserole dish and rolling out the pie crust (with a wine bottle because we don’t have a rolling pin) I set my pie in the oven and began tackling the other tasks – cleaning my room and the rest of the apartment.

Because it was a housewarming, we had to clean our entire apartment – including our rooms and closets because we would be giving a tour of the place to our guests.

Honestly, since moving in, my new room had never been clean. It’s the master bedroom, so it’s considerably larger than my last room was, which just means there’s more space to throw things on the ground.

When you have a smaller room like my last place, or even a college dorm, you’re forced to be incredibly neat and organized. Otherwise, you start feeling claustrophobic.  With a big room, it’s easier to say, “I’ll do it  later.” Now it was “later,” and I had a heap of clothes and old boxes that needed to go away fast.

12:00 PM (T minus 1 hour) Amber emerged from her slumber and began making her apple pie. Our rooms, bathroom, and living room were half-way clean and picked up at this point.

12:15 PM (T minus 45 minutes) While I was in the shower, I heard Amber calling out, “Something’s smoking/on fire. What do I do? Hello? Help!”

Earlier in the week I had made a “tester” chicken pot pie (because you don’t want to try a new recipe on guests!)  and realized that some of the gravy bubbled over the sides of the baking dish and onto the foil on the cookie sheet on the rack below. In order to be extra safe this time I placed some foil on the cookie sheet AND foil over the entire bottom of the oven. Good to go, right? NOT SO!

The gravy had dripped from the baking dish to the cookie sheet to the bottom of the oven and somehow leaked past the foil and was now burning into a pile of smoking black ash. The fire alarm went off. Amber ran around opening our balcony door and all the windows while I furiously fanned the smoke away.

12:30 PM (T minus 30 minutes) I was still in my bathrobe, the apartment was smoky, Amber still needed to use the oven to bake her apple pie, and we hadn’t vacuumed yet. Our party started in 30 minutes!!!!!! PANIC.

Fortunately the gravy damage was not too severe and after keeping the windows open the fire alarm shut off. I scraped the charred gravy ashes off the bottom of the oven and Amber’s pie was a go!

12:45 PM  (T minus 15 minutes) We prayed our friends wouldn’t be on time. I ran back to change because, as Amber put it, if someone arrived on time we could take shifts entertaining the guest while the other roomie got ready.

Luckily, it didn’t come to this. By 2:00 pm (1 hour after the start time of our party) we had cleaned both our rooms, the bathroom, vacuumed and baked two pies…and thankfully no guests had arrived. We were ready…1 hour late, but we were ready!

The only thing we hadn’t done was hang up paintings, which we had talked about doing all week long. On Thursday, Amber conveyed her desire to hang up the paintings..

“Let’s hang up these paintings before Saturday.”
“OK. Do you want to do it now?”
“Not really…”
“Good, cause I’m lying on the floor and getting up is too hard.”

So…that’s how we arrived at our housewarming party on Saturday with no paintings on the walls.

The first two friends to show up arrived at 2:30 pm and offered to help us hang up these paintings before anyone else arrived. By the time others arrived to the party, we appeared to be competent adults with our our clean, well-decorated apartment and home-cooked pies.

The party was a rousing success, despite our antics, and everyone enjoyed pie, friends and the new place. Below are some photos taken by Amber with her fancy camera.


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