Any Day Is a Good Day to Make a Resolution

Happy New Year! Did you make a New Year’s resolution?

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions because any day is a good day to make a resolution. I mentioned this in our first weekly staff meeting of 2017 and my manager told me I should make a motivational poster so here is the quote…and some cupcakes. Get inspired.

Any Day Is a Good Day to Make a Resolution

I think one of the reasons I am a bit scornful of New Year’s resolutions is that the #1 resolution is to eat healthier and work out.

Eat Healthy, Work out?!

Eating healthy food and exercising are important, but deciding to make these lifestyle changes at New Years has always seemed arbitrary to me. First, going on a diet sounds truly horrible and if something is not enjoyable, I am probably not going to be motivated to do it. No matter how “great” I am supposed to look in the summer (which by the way is 6 months away), it’s winter right now so all I want to do is bundle up in my white blanket and roll around like a little dumpling and probably eat a cookie (or two). That being said, I don’t eat junk all the time. I do eat most of my meals at home and try to cook healthily, but deliciously. I really enjoy food and the benefits of tasty treats far outweighs any “improvements” to my physical appearance.

Cat with cupcakes

Tasty treats!

I am also against gyms (you voluntarily pay money each month to be trapped in a crowded sweat box with tons of people and no means of escape) so starting a work out routine in the dead of winter is less than ideal for me. I like to exercise outside when I can…and winter is probably the worst time to start going outside more often. Spring and fall are much better seasons for enjoying the outdoors.

Resolutions vs. Goals

I prefer thinking about goals rather than resolutions. Maybe it’s just semantics, but I like to use SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely.

Actually the Google calendar app lets you set goals and the app finds a time when you’re available and shows your weekly progress as you check off completed tasks. I started using the app to track and motivate myself to work out back in April 2016 and have found it to be helpful because:

  1. Like most people I’m on my phone A LOT so I always see the reminder
  2. The app schedules a specific time when I’m not busy doing something else
  3. Checking off items is incredibly satisfying.

I have found having accountability whether it’s with friends or just by tracking myself helps me accomplish my goals.

My goal in the Google calendar app.

My goal in the Google calendar app.

Sorry I hated so much on New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of this post. I have a confession – I kind of made a resolution…let’s call it a goal this year to read through the Bible with three other friends. We are following a plan and checking in on each other to encourage us to read. In my defense, we happened to get together on New Year’s Eve and came up with this idea so it wasn’t planned out.

If making a new year’s resolution works for you – go for it! 42.4% of Americans fail their resolutions, but that means 57.6% of people succeed! I was serious about what I said earlier: Any day is a good day to make a resolution and maybe today is that day for you!

Photo credits: Feature Photo – mr.throk via Flickr cc, Pink cupcakes with text – Allie Cooper via Flickr cc, text modifications added by A Lively Fancy, Cat with cupcake – Onesharp via Flickr cc, Google calendar app screenshot


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