Why I Love Traveling Alone

I was recently in NYC for work, but I was able to extend my trip into the weekend so I had plenty of time to play and enjoy the city. I’ve traveled alone before, but it’s always been to visit friends or family so this was my first 100% solo vacation and I loved every minute of it.

Some might be worried about being lonely or have safety concerns, but as an introvert I knew being on my own would not be a problem. In fact, there’s so much to do in New York and so many people that I never felt alone. As for safety, I asked my friends and made sure to stay in a safe neighborhood.

 View of the city from across the reservoir in Central Park

View of the city from across the reservoir in Central Park

I truly enjoyed solo travel more than I thought I would. When it’s just yourself, you can do whatever you want! There’s no compromising or waiting around for others and you can be more flexible. It’s easy to squeeze in one person into a restaurant or find one ticket for Broadway.

I’m also a very intense person…probably no one else, except for my sister, shares my definition of a “fun” vacation where I try to squeeze as much as possible into one day and because I’m trying to maximize my experience in short amount of time. I love museums (not as much as my sister who likes to read every plaque) and can bear sore feet and hunger in order to get to the next location.

Most normal people like to relax and enjoy the moment, but that would actually stress me out. I am enjoying the moment as I power walk from one destination to the next, just at a superfast, action-packed pace!

So I didn’t linger or meander, but had no problem walking 20 blocks in NYC. I figured my feet can be sore on the trip (and they were SO swollen when I got back on Sunday night) but I figured I could rest when I got home.

Bowling Green, New York's oldest park

Bowling Green, New York’s oldest park

I can be a bit of a penny pincher, so I had to reset my mindset on the trip and tell myself, “I’m on vacation, I should enjoy going out to eat and seeing a Broadway show. It’s OK. I save so I can go on trips like these!” But at the same time since I was alone I only spent money doing things that I thought were worthwhile.

I know many people travel by themselves and solo vacations are nothing new, but after my trip I feel like a whole new world has been opened up! I’m excited to plan my next trip!

In my next posts I’ll include more details and pictures from my trip.

All photos taken by A Lively Fancy. Please don’t steal them.


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