Training for a half marathon in summer

Training for a Half Marathon in the Summer – Am I Crazy?!

The alarm goes off and I wake up after hitting snooze only once. I have to get my run in while it’s still cool outside. I check the weather; it’s already 78 degrees and 86% humid and it’s only 6 AM! Well…there goes my plan to beat the heat. I’m not a morning person so this is all the excuse I need to skip my run and crawl back under the covers.

For some reason, after taking several years off, I’ve decided to return to running and have signed up to do a half marathon in September. At the time I was inspired by my sister who is running a full marathon and thought it would be nice to run a race. I ran track and cross country in high school and did a few 5 K races for fun in college and thought, I could run a half marathon.

I didn’t consider that running a half marathon in September would mean training through the summer heat. Am I crazy?! (Possibly).

A few weeks ago a friend remarked, “I’m impressed you’re training for a half marathon in the summer.” And I naively commented, “Oh, it isn’t so bad.”

And that’s true, at first it wasn’t so bad. We had a mild May and the first couple runs of my plan were a bit of a joke for an experienced runner (run for 12 minutes and a  20-minute “long run”). I was able to get these over with quickly and painlessly.

But today I am supposed to run 6 x 200 repeats at max effort (not a crazy workout, but not super easy) and I know it will be horrible. It’s been muggy for the past few days, the kind of oppressive heat where the air feels heavy and you start sweating as soon as you step outside. I know I’m supposed to persevere, but today I’m going to have to say “no.”

Fortunately my training isn’t completely derailed by skipping one day. I’m using the Nike Running Club app, which has created a personalized plan for me based on my starting mileage and number of runs I’m able to do per week, which for me is four. I can move the workout the next day.

I actually get out of bed the next day at 6 AM to run my 200 repeats. It’s a cool 68 degrees and breezy. Perfect. I guess sometimes a little laziness pays off!

P.S. Who doesn’t hit snooze and actually gets up after the first alarm? Please tell me your secret.

Photo credit: smerikal via Flickr cc


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