Glasses Comfort over Vanity

When Comfort Is More Important than Vanity

I was in 5th grade when my mother took me to the optometrist for the first time because I couldn’t see the writing on the board from the back of the class. I desperately didn’t want glasses, but knew better than to argue with my mom. At least I got to pick out the frames. They were kid-sized, oval-shaped and made of dull red wire.

“Look at the leaves on the tree outside,” the technician told me while my lenses were being cut. “And then look again when you get your new glasses.”

I followed the instructions and was shocked. I thought I could see the leaves before, but now I could REALLY see. Each leaf was individual, vivid, and somehow brighter. When I took the glasses off they looked like a fuzzy clump. It was AMAZING!

Even so, I still was determined to only wear my glasses when necessary. Continue reading