8 Things I Learned After Being Hit by a Car While Biking

Two years ago while I was biking home from work, a car turned left to enter a parking lot and hit me. It was broad daylight, I was on a designated bike path, and my bike had a blinking headlight.

While my life didn’t exactly flash before my eyes, I did have an out of body experience as I flew through the air. Part of my mind was calmly stating, “I am getting hit by a car,” while the other part of me was screaming, “I AM GETTING HIT BY A CAR AND GOING TO DIE. This really hurts. Is this really happening? Ouch! God, please help me!”

All these thoughts jumbled together in just a few seconds. When the paramedics arrived, I was still crying hysterically, but also thinking I about how I didn’t want to pay for an ambulance ride! Fortunately I wasn’t badly hurt and my dad came to pick me up.

Now that everything has been taken care of, I can finally write about this experience. Here are a few thoughts:

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I’ll Get You, My Pretty, And Your Little Dog Too! Wicked Witch Bike Costume

Bad news – it’s Monday, witches. Good news – it’s almost Halloween! I know many of us have enjoyed Halloweekend, but the official day is tomorrow, which means there’s one more chance to dress up!

Whenever I bike to work I think of the Wicked Witch Theme from the Wizard of Oz so I thought, Why not go all out for Halloween and be the Wicked Witch of the West / Mrs. Gulch?

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How Badly Do You Want It?

Have you ever had something you worked really hard for? Or a challenge you overcame? I recently had an experience that reminded me of the value of good, old fashioned hard work!

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