The Circle by Dave Eggers: Ludicrous, yet Believable

After a marathon session in which I stayed up WAY too late two nights in a row to keep reading, I finished The Circle by Dave Eggers. If I had to describe the book in one word it would be scary!

For those of you who plan on reading the book or watching the movie that will come out later this year, STOP READING NOW! While I don’t plan on giving a play-by-play, I can’t guarantee the rest of this post will be spoiler free.

For the rest of you, keep reading!

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Cheap Vs Economically Efficient

Cheap or Economically Efficient? You Decide

Recently I overheard two of my coworkers discussing their favorite rapper. One mentioned he sold 60 copies of his physical album at $1,000 apiece. Upon hearing this, I had to join the conversation.

“$1,000 for one album! It better be gold-plated!”

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