how to give a wedding toast a lively fancy

How to Give a Wedding Toast without Freaking Out

It’s June so summer is almost here…and that means wedding season has already arrived. I’ve attended two weddings so far and will be attending even more over the next few months. It’s here, so get ready.

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Balkan cheese pie from Mother's Day dinner.

Do You Know That Is a Serbian “Б”?

From the outside, my family seems perfectly normal, but I know the truth. Like most people, as a kid I didn’t notice a lot of my family quirks, but as I’ve grown up, my eyes have been opened: We are all really strange.

Probably everyone feels this way about their family at some point in time, but I was reminded of this at our Mother’s Day dinner over the weekend. Before I get into the story, here’s a quick snapshot of my parents:

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Getting Over College Nostalgia

Getting Over My College Nostalgia

This past weekend I attended my college’s homecoming and for the first time I felt like I really didn’t belong. I graduated a few years ago and now I don’t know anyone who is an undergraduate and everything on campus is changing: new buildings, new stadium, and new faces.

It’s strange getting the feeling that a place that was your home for four years is no longer your home. I guess this is part of the growing up.

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A season of singleness

A Season of Singleness

The other day someone prayed for me during my “season of singleness.” It was a very nice prayer, asking the Lord for help, wisdom, discernment and comfort – all things that I do need from the Lord.

What struck me was the phrase “season of singleness.” I have to say I internally cringed a bit upon hearing it.

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Do I Look White

Do I Look White?

Sometimes in rare moments of introspection I stare at myself in the mirror and think, do I look white?

It’s hard to tell because all I see looking back at me are two eyes, a nose, lips…my mirror twin. When I scowl, the woman in the mirror scowls back, when I smile, so does she. We stick our tongues out and laugh. I switch off the bathroom light, and she disappears.

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I'm sorry, I already have plans

I’m sorry, I already have plans

When did saying “I already have plans,” become a “bad” thing? Why are so many people responding “maybe” or not responding at all to an invitation when they actually mean no?

Does the following scenario seem familiar?

“Let’s hang out? Are you free Friday?”
“Sounds fun! I’m not sure if I’m free, but let me get back to you.”

“Did you find out if you’re free Friday?”
“I may be free.”

“Are we hanging out?”
“Definitely, maybe!”

“Please let me know about dinner plans for tomorrow.”

“What’s happening tonight?”
“So sorry, I can’t hang out tonight.”

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