Welcome to Music City, Y’all – My Nashville Solo Trip

I took my second solo travel trip in October to Nashville. I know it’s a bit later to write about it now, but better late than never! Like my last trip, I was able to get my travel expenses paid for since I arrived a few days ahead of a business meeting.

While asking Facebook friends recommendations on things to do, I discovered a friend from home, K,  would also be in Nashville at the same time. Of course we arranged to meet up. Below are the highlights from my trip. I hope you enjoy my pictures and commentary.

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New York, New York – Food, History & Broadway

As I mentioned in my last post, my trip to New York was AWESOME and I fell in love with solo travel! As promised, I’ve chronicled my trip and included pictures.

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Why I Love Traveling Alone

I was recently in NYC for work, but I was able to extend my trip into the weekend so I had plenty of time to play and enjoy the city. I’ve traveled alone before, but it’s always been to visit friends or family so this was my first 100% solo vacation and I loved every minute of it.

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