There's never a good time to do something

There’s Never a “Perfect” Time to Do Something

Blog fatigue: When you start a blog and then run out of steam and abandon it.

I confess. As you probably already know, I am guilty of this! Over the weekend a friend mentioned she had discovered my blog through the link in my Instagram profile and that she was reading through some of the posts. I was immediately ashamed because I HAVE NOT UPDATED THIS BLOG IN FOREVER!

I feel like Dug from Up with his cone of shame. I do not like the cone of shame! And the worst part is, I only have myself to blame.

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Relying on other people

Relying on Other People

I’ve never liked working in teams. I personally dreaded group  work in college and high school, especially if the groups were assigned. The saying goes if there are two people in a group, one person does all the work and the second one watches. And I sort of believe it. Sometimes I think, it would just be faster, easier, or better if I did it myself.

Especially in the U.S. and western culture where individualism is strongly praised, we’d rather do it on our own. We are taught self reliance. Of course, being independent is good, but sometimes we do need support from others. I’m slowly learning this.

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A season of singleness

A Season of Singleness

The other day someone prayed for me during my “season of singleness.” It was a very nice prayer, asking the Lord for help, wisdom, discernment and comfort – all things that I do need from the Lord.

What struck me was the phrase “season of singleness.” I have to say I internally cringed a bit upon hearing it.

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Do I Look White

Do I Look White?

Sometimes in rare moments of introspection I stare at myself in the mirror and think, do I look white?

It’s hard to tell because all I see looking back at me are two eyes, a nose, lips…my mirror twin. When I scowl, the woman in the mirror scowls back, when I smile, so does she. We stick our tongues out and laugh. I switch off the bathroom light, and she disappears.

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How to be Productive and Lazy At the Same Time

If you’re like me, productivity comes in waves. There are times when I’m eager to get everything done and check off all the items on my to-do list and other times when I’d rather just lay around and watch Netflix. I’m torn between being productive or at least maintaining good habits and reverting to college/cat-like behavior.

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How I Really Spend My Time At Work

How I really spend time at work

Can anyone else relate? Every time I see that Microsoft Word is “not responding,” or the spinning wheel icon I am very tempted to throw my cup of coffee at the screen…Who knows, it may be an improvement!? This is why I “waste” paper and print out documents so I can review them when my computer decides to take a nap. It’s like the machine has gone on summer vacation!

At least it’s Friday! I hope you all have fun plans for the weekend!

How Badly Do You Want It?

Have you ever had something you worked really hard for? Or a challenge you overcame? I recently had an experience that reminded me of the value of good, old fashioned hard work!

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Why Getting a Tax Return Is Not Awesome

Why Getting a HUGE Tax Return Isn’t Always Awesome

Hopefully you’ve all done your taxes (or you’ve filed for an extension) because today is the day! I know what you’re thinking… “Why are you writing about taxes? This is so boring!” But, before you leave this post at least take some time to read the short version because whether you like it or not, if you’re a U.S. citizen you will probably have to keep doing taxes for forever. Even if you work abroad because the IRS will hunt you down.

For those of you still reading…carry on.

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I'm sorry, I already have plans

I’m sorry, I already have plans

When did saying “I already have plans,” become a “bad” thing? Why are so many people responding “maybe” or not responding at all to an invitation when they actually mean no?

Does the following scenario seem familiar?

“Let’s hang out? Are you free Friday?”
“Sounds fun! I’m not sure if I’m free, but let me get back to you.”

“Did you find out if you’re free Friday?”
“I may be free.”

“Are we hanging out?”
“Definitely, maybe!”

“Please let me know about dinner plans for tomorrow.”

“What’s happening tonight?”
“So sorry, I can’t hang out tonight.”

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Happy Pi Day

3.14.15 – Pi Day Housewarming

On March 14, we had a housewarming party…a pi day housewarming party, of course!

The party started at 1:00 PM, but in our typical fashion my roommate Amber and I were both running a little bit late. Here’s how the schedule leading up to the party went…

10:00 AM (T minus 3 hours) Amber and I emerged from our rooms as zombies. We stumbled over to the kitchen for brains…I mean coffee.

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